Google search tricks

Best google search trick for you..

1. Search Exact Phrases – If you’re looking for an exact phrase, use quotation marks
around the keywords to view results containing that exact phrase. like search "how to boot usb drive".
2. Exclude a word – If your search terms contain a keyword with several meanings, you
can exclude on of the meanings by adding a hyphen (-) before the keyword. like search : The heroes -book.
3. Search a specific domain – You can search within a particular URL by including the
operator before or after your keywords. like search google search trick.
4. Search for multiple phrases – You can enter more than one query into Google at a
time to view pages with one of the specified keywords. Just use a capitalised “OR” to
separate the terms. like search : how to setup windowss OR how to installing windows.
5. You don’t need a dictionary, just ask search : Define Romans.

DoYourData Uninstaller Pro (100% Free and Giveaway Discount)

DoYourData Uninstaller offers easy & smart solution for you to completely uninstall programs, Windows apps and plug-ins on your computer.
It will not only help you uninstall even the most stubborn programs, but it also can help you thoroughly remove all related files, clean up all leftovers.
Thoroughly uninstall programs and remove all related files, clean up all leftovers. It supports to uninstall even the most stubborn programs, crashed applications, Windows apps, plug-ins, etc.
it allows you to uninstall programs one by one or in batches. You just need to select the programs you want to uninstall, then it will help you thoroughly uninstall them with a few clicks.
DoYourData Uninstaller is 100% safe and clean. It is fully compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10.

DoYourData Uninstaller Pro (100% Discount)

License: 3B3NQ-S5RUP-FRF67-3LMQ2-DB4SB


Zoho Vault Enterprise Edition (100% Free and Giveaway Discount)

Zoho Vault Enterprise Edition (100% Free and Discount)

Securely store all your passwords and organize them for easy access and management. Passwords are encrypted with the strongest encryption standard (AES-256).
Safely share common passwords among members of your work group by granting different access privileges.
Directly connect to websites and applications without having to manually enter login credentials.
Easily provide passwords to users and groups in bulk. Instantly deny access when a user is removed.
Establish a password policy for your organization and generate strong passwords.
Establish clear-cut ownership for all your passwords. Assign roles to each user so you can fine tune their access controls.
Track user actions and maintain complete records of team members’ password activity with timestamps.
With in-depth reports, keep track of which users have access to various passwords.

Download link:

License info: One-year, upto 5 users

Step-1: Sign up Zoho vault account (

 Step-2: Fill the online form (

 Step-3: Zoho Vault is for both individuals and organizations. You will be asked "Does your organization have an account with Zoho Vault already?". Select "No, My organization is                   new to Vault."

 Step-4: Enter Organization Name. You can give any name here. This need not be your organization name.

 Step-5: At the next page, you will be at your Zoho Vault account. You will note it says " You are now using the 15 day trial version of Zoho Vault." To activate the full license of zoho vault, users should send us the online form filled with the promo code.

Step-6: Once they submit the online form, it will be activated within 48 hours; while users wait, they can continue to use Zoho Vault with full functionality. Until the license is       activated, the note will say you "you are using 14-day trial version." The message will automatically go away when the license is activated.

DxO OpticsPro 9 (100% Free and Giveaway Discount)

DxO OpticsPro 9 (100% Free and Giveaway Discount)


Demanding photographers call upon the expertise of DxO for incomparable image quality, regardless of shooting conditions.
The industry-standard noise reduction technology for RAW files. Images are rich in detail and bokehs are silky smooth, even at extreme ISO values.
Leverage the full dynamic range of your images and recover fine details and textures in deep shadows and overexposed highlights. The new Spot Weighted mode uses face detection to apply an intelligent tone map on the entire image, add fill light, and improve contrast while optimizing illumination on faces.
Get rid of haze to bring out all the splendor of your landscape photos in just one click. Equally effective in removing smog from urban landscapes.
With the precise knowledge of each and every camera and lens make and model, DxO OpticsPro automatically corrects all optical defects with an unrivaled level of quality.
The most important corrections are immediately accessible, and you can activate or deactivate them with a single click to see their impact. For slider virtuosos, DxO OpticsPro provides advanced control over every image processing parameter imaginable.
DxO OpticsPro respects your photographic intentions: batch processing lets you apply the same settings to a series of images, all while adapting the automatic corrections to each photo’s content, based on precise camera calibration data.

DxO OpticsPro 9 (100% Free and Giveaway Discount)

Get license here:

Cyber Link Power2Go 9 Platinum (100% Free To Giveaway Discount)

 Cyber Link Power2Go 9 Platinum 100% Free To Giveaway Discount

Incorporating an advanced disc burning engine with a military-grade encryption algorithm, Power2Go has earned the trust of leading PC and burner manufacturers worldwide.
Power2Go also delivers advanced media conversion for music and video files, covering the broadest range of device and media player profiles. With integration with Facebook, Flickr, YouTube & Vimeo, you can effortlessly download, convert, and back up your social media content, or your most treasured videos.

Power2Go’s advanced burning engine makes it a snap to burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs — even the latest 128GB BDXL discs. Duplicate CDs, unprotected DVDs and Blu-ray discs by burning 1:1 copies of your discs. Save a copy of a disc to your hard drive as a disc image and later burn the images back to disc.
Create personal compilations with drag-and-drop ease with the Desktop Burning Gadget. Choose the kind of disc you want to burn, and then drag files, folders, discs, music or video onto the gadget.
Power2Go helps you keep track of all your burn projects. Every time you burn a disc, Power2Go adds that content to the Disc Manager, so you can easily tag, browse, and quickly find your files.
Create Photo Gallery discs that run on your PC. Easily browse photo collections or play slideshows complete with music. With support for text and Internet links, Photo Gallery discs are perfect for sharing family memories, company profiles, and product catalogues.
With support for all popular media formats you can convert your entertainment files so that you’re not limited to enjoying them on only one device. You can even rip and convert the audio from video files. Easily convert UltraHD 4K videos, and even convert audio files or CDs to AAC (.m4a) format.
Smart Detect technology means you don’t have to remember confusing file formats and resolutions. As soon as you connect your device to your PC, Smart Detect recognizes it and sets the optimal output formats and resolutions for converted media, ensuring you always enjoy your videos, photos and music in the best possible quality.

Cyber Link Power2Go 9 Platinum (100% Discount)



COVERT Pro 3.0 (100% Free and Discount)

Covert Pro – anti-spyware with a built-in instant messenger and toolsfor finding and removing spyware.
When working in secure platform, all user’s actions in all applications (browsers, email clients, office software, messengers, etc.) are safely hidden. Using special features of COVERT Pro allows
you to detect and remove all hidden applications.
Protecting against spyware programs by masking action of computer user. Its essence is to create a secure platform in which any user
can run their applications, while remaining invisible to the spies.
COVERT Pro blocks reading the keyboard input and monitor screen and allows you to see all system drivers, DLLs, active processes and
system services to detect and remove all hidden applications.
Program has the opportunity to work with virtual keyboard and is effective on Windows tablets.
COVERT Pro has built-in the most secure messenger:
– Attackers are not able to intercept the keyboard input and take a screenshot when you are writing messages inside of secure platform
– You do not have to register for using messenger. Your address is serial number of COVERT Pro.
– All outgoing messages are encrypted.
– The new encryption key can be set for each message and for each recipient.
– Immediately after reading, your message will be deleted from the server.
– You have ability to change the server for messaging. It is
impossible to hack the server if you do not know where it is.
– After closing the program, all the messages will be deleted from the computer. History of messages is not saved and any spyware cannot
get access to it.
COVERT Pro gives you something that is natural for each of us – the right to privacy in cyberspace.
User of antispyware COVERT Pro gets:
– Perpetual license.
– Instant messenger with encryption.
– No need to pay for an annual subscription.
– Free upgrade to new versions.
– Effective even on infected computer.
With a single USB-version, you can protect all your computers and tablets with Windows. COVERT Pro saves your time because you do not
need to scan your hard drive.
COVERT Pro is compatible with any antivirus.

License: TP5041067717067166

The program can be registered from 28 to 30 November.

Press the button "Register" only to activate

iCareAll PDF Converter (100% Free And Giveaway Discount)

iCareAll Convert PDF to WORD EXCEL PPT TXT, and more in Batches.

It only takes 3 clicks to change PDF format to word documents (doc/rtf), images (JPG/PNG/BMP/TIF/GIF/PCX/TGA), HTML, or plain text files (txt) in batch mode.
Conversion from PDF to Any & Any to PDF is supported Yes and Yes.
Conversion Supported
Convert PDF to Word
Convert PDF to Excel
Convert PDF to Images
Convert PDF to HTML
Convert PDF to txt
Merge, cut PDF
Change word to pdf
Change excel to pdf
change ppt to pdf
Change img to pdf

Key Features of PDF Converter
It supports file format conversion among PDF, word, excel, image txt html and more.
You may drag files or load files more than 1000 files in batch mode for converting.
It;s Good .
It is 300% faster in PDF converting speed among its kind with conversion quality guaranteed.